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Edit Rails ActiveRecord JSON attributes in html forms

03 Feb 2015

ActiveRecord PostgreSQL JSON storage can be used to replace has_many relationships and accepts_nested_attributes_for on Rails models. This can be helpful if the associated objects are always needed.

PostgreSQL indexing OVERLAPS query with tsrange for scheduling

20 Nov 2014

PostgreSQL offers some great ways to work with time based queries. The most performant way to use them is not obvious given the plethora of options available in PostgreSQL.

How to Make a Traffic Light Build Indicator

12 Feb 2013

Using Arduino to show build status for multiple for multiple Janky builds.

Installing PostgreSQL 9.1 on Debian 6

02 Aug 2012

using apt-get to install PostgreSQL 9.1 on Debain 6 (Squeeze)

Understanding how Rack uses Ruby lambdas

28 Apr 2012

A look at the internals of how Rack builds middleware for flexible request processing.