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    Installing PostgreSQL 9.1 on Debian 6

    Notes on installing PostgreSQL on Debian 6.0 "Squeeze."

    My Debain package management skills have gotten rusty. These are mostly notes to myself about installing PostegreSQL 9.1 to a fresh Debain 6.0 install.

    Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list

    # backports for postgres 9.1
    deb squeeze-backports main contrib non-free

    Then run sudo apt-get update to pull down the new backports. Finally run apt-get -t squeeze-backports install postgresql-9.1 in order to install from the backport source. All the hstore and bonus features of postgres can be installed withapt-get -t squeeze-backports install postgresql-contrib-9.1.

    Without the -t squeeze-backports flag I kept getting the following error.

    The following packages have unmet dependencies: 
    postgresql-9.1 : Depends: libpq5 (>= 9.1~beta1) but 8.4.9-0squeeze1 is to be installed 
                     Depends: postgresql-client-9.1 but it is not going to be installed 
                     Depends: postgresql-common (>= 115~) but 113 is to be installed 
    E: Broken packages 

    In order to install the Ruby pg gem you'll need the following package:

    apt-get -t squeeze-backports install libpq-dev

    Hope this saves someone else a few minutes.

    Summary: using apt-get to install PostgreSQL 9.1 on Debain 6 (Squeeze)

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    You saved my day! Was trying to install it from about an hour, and here - a few seconds and I have postgres 9.1, thanks!

    by Szymon PrzybyƂ at 4:11AM, 19 Oct 2013

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    Cheers mate, appreciated

    by Edward Lynn at 2:48PM, 21 May 2014